Hello! I am Diego, 
digital product designer / owner,
passionate about personas, digital business strategy,
technology and how humans interact and make use of IT.

long story short,
UX lover.

Skills and responsibilities
Product Owner
Project Manager
Scrum Master
Product Designer
UX Strategist
UX Researcher
UI Designer
Agile Facilitator
Design Thinker
Problem Solver
Excellent Communicator

My experience

Specialised in the ideation, conceptualisation, design, vision and definition of digital products and services.

With a humanised team focus management view for human centered experiences for companies and users/clients.

Covering from the initial development to the management of digital products, from a combined approach of UX / IT / Business.

Founder. CEO & Product Owner
Jun 2018 — Jan 2020
Freelance UX Project Manager
& Digital Business Consultant
Dec 2013 — Forever
Business Development
+ R&D (UX service design)
Feb 2016 — Jun 2018
HR Intern
Jun 2015 — Sep 2015
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