Some of my favourite tools

I am not the one to say if these tools are the best in the market or not, this is just my opinion from my experience.

Having used these tools and many others around the market, I find these to work seamlessly with each another for the process of taking a business proposal from idea to market, from design to development and release, and for continuous research, iteration and evolution. Also many of them, if not all, have free trials.

These are not the only tools in my toolbox, yet these are my favourite ones to kickstart a project and follow up on it; except if there is need, on the nature or scope of the project, to use some different or complementary tools.


Easy to use task control, distribution and management tool based on the Kanban method to organize and manage team work.
Best for starters and small teams.
Great integrations with Slack.
Main competitor Monday.


Firstly I started using this tool for its amazing heat-maps and the qualitative information that could be inferred from it, and later on they added behavioural analytics features like surveys and recording.
Main competitor Smartlook.


Incredible tool for the first steps of design processes, such as market research, business model design, analysis and creation of personas, team-sprint planning, and many more, plus their free templates.
Main competitor Mural.


Probably the best tool for designers to quickly bring web designs into products, intuitive interface and lots of tutorials.
Incredible integrations with external tools, it is actually compatible with Wordpress.
Main competitor Wordpress.


Design tool that covers from designing to prototyping, easy to learn and a free plan to start using it, also includes fine capabilities for technical handoff.
Surely the best design software for collaborative design.
Main competitor Sketch / AdobeXD.


One of the top softwares out there for designers, taking into account the diversity of tools that integrates for prototyping, designing and animating. Also the Design System Management tool is impressive for using with Sketch and AdobeXD.
Main competitor Marvel / Axure.


Jira is one of the most powerful softwares for managing products, projects, teams and much more.
It has a rather big learning curve due to its complexity and great number of tools in it.
It has seamlessly integrations with external tools, specially those from Atlassian.
Main competitor Asana / Azure.


Basically Notion is a tool that can be the simplest of them all, or the most complex on this list.
It will depend on the uses you give to it, since it is one of a kind raw interface where you can build almost anything, from a note blog to a project planning environment or a design system.
Main competitor Evernote.

Google MP

Google┬┤s Marketing platform is one of the most complete and diverse softwares for measuring the marketing strategy and BI of a digital web product or business.
It has integrated most of the analytical tools on Googles portfolio which makes it a very reliable and integrative software.
Main competitor Hubspot.

Hopefully this list might help you in some way to understand the process of work I usually do.
Also I will be pleased if this list helps you to take your decision on which tools you might be liking to use.
Feel free to let me know what you think, or if you know of any alternatives that I might like.

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